Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thoughts

Thanksgiving 2014

It's that time of the year again, the time that we all sit down and list out the things we are thankful for. Though we should reflect year-round on the things we are thankful for, sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. So here I am, to do my yearly reflection on the things I'm thankful for.

1. Life. Cliche as it may be, I am thankful for another day, every day. There are people who are trapped in a country where they cannot live the life they desire. There are some who do not know if they'll make it to see another day. And there are those who have lost their lives much too soon. So for me, I'm thankful for the life I have. It's by no means perfect, but it's mine, and I am thankful to have it.

2. Health. At a glance, my health wouldn't appear to be something anyone would be thankful for. In the past year I've suffered from extreme head and face pain, leading to a diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia; Anxiety and panic attacks, which I am working hard to overcome without any medication; A nasty bout of Salmonella poisoning; A continuous battle with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome and a recurring cyst on my right ovary; Several pre-cancerous cells on my back that needed to be removed; An auto-immune deficiency causing terrible itching in certain places on my body; and most recently I've battled through Shingles. All of these things have knocked me on my bottom, but I've been able to persevere by knowing that it could ALWAYS be worse. My body is strong, despite these issues. And that is why I am thankful for my health, because God wouldn't test someone who couldn't handle it.

3. Home. As featured so prominently on this blog, I'm so proud of and thankful for the place I call home. Almost seven years ago when we started renting our lovely little cottage by the sea I never would have dreamed that one day I would own it. But we do, and we are working on making it our own. Our home is a place of comfort, love and peace. 

4. Family. What would a thankful Thanksgiving post be without saying I'm thankful for my family?! Well, I am. I've always known this, and I've always been thankful for a strong, close-knit family. Family is your blood and that bonds you like no other. Whether you are upset with each other or sharing moments of pure joy, your family is always there to experience these things with you. Though some of us are spread out a little further than we'd like these days, it only brings us closer.

5. Harper.  My sweet, sweet baby girl. I'd always said I "wasn't a dog person", but that was before a little beagle runt stole my heart. As a newborn pup she was feisty, a fighter and just as cute as a button. Terrified of change, I wasn't sure I wanted to bring her home and add a dog to our lives, but I am so glad we did. I can't bare the thought of not having her in our lives, because she really does complete us. She is love. She is adventure. She is pure beagle and I love her dearly!

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