Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cottage Renovation: Master Bedroom

After some careful thought (major stress) and discussion (major arguments) we decided that the best thing for us to do was to move our Master Bedroom from the front room to the more spacious room on the back of the house. Though I was resistant at first, as we move forward, I'm so glad that we made the switch. Now we will be leaving the sitting room open (no door) and accessible only through our bedroom. It gives us a beautiful view and open feel we wanted for our Master Bedroom. We will also now have a Master Bath and Walk-in Closet accessible from our bedroom.

These pictures are from November 23rd. We've done so much since then, but I wanted to make sure I have the progress documented.

This will be the view from our bed, looking through the sitting room. (Excuse the MESS)

Looking from the sitting room towards the back of the house where our bed will be. Originally this area was supposed to be a closet, but Bubba came up with a great idea to utilize the space. We extended the closet wide enough to slide our bed into. We'll have built in shelving inside the alcove along with recess lighting and switches on both side of the bed.

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