Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunset of Summer Sale!

It's Monday again, and that means back to work. But we hope that everyone had a fun and eventful weekend! While out and about this weekend, Marci and I realized that Summer will soon be coming to an end. Although fall doesn't make it's grand entrance until the latter end of September, the stores are certainly pushing it a little early this year with all of their back to school sales.

In honor of our beloved Summer months, we're offering 15% off all of our "Summer Themed" products at Point Breeze Cottage. Each product will be noted with a special SALE title, or you can check them out right here!

Adorable Child's Rattan Chair - now only $27.20!

Blue Glass Vase - now only $10.62!

Beautiful Crystal Decanter - now only $14.00!

Flower Cash Box - now only $12.75!

Japanese Plates - now only $25.50!

Pink Vine Glass - now only $5.95!

Groovy Glass - now only $5.95!

Blue Cream and Sugar - now only $13.60!

Butterfly Pyrex - now only $12.75!

Store 'n Serve - now only $17!

Tropical Chair - now only $28.05

Bakery Bliss - now only $27.62!

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