Monday, August 13, 2012

Birds of a Feather

To me, there is something so calm and peaceful about our small feathered friends. Though I must admit I was somewhat scarred and terrified after watching the Hitchcock classic, "The Birds" as a child, I've come to see the beauty and ease of the peaceful creatures. I think Allie and Noah, from The Notebook, had it right; being reincarnated as a bird wouldn't be such a bad thing. For the most part birds are cute, happy, and most importantly, live a free and easy life, gliding through the air wherever the wind takes them.

Anyway, I've found that we tend to draw inspiration from the creatures of the sky in a lot of the pieces we sell here at Point Breeze Cottage. Here are a few of our current bird items that are for sale:

Beautiful Bird Candy Dish and Lid in Amber - $16.50

Small Green Bird Table - $23.50

Bookends Blue Glass Matching Swans Stunning Clear Blue Very Old Rare - $26.00

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