Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Love: Keepin' It Local!

Photo from Keepin It Local FB page.
Growing up in the 7th District of St. Mary’s County I was always familiar with the old Morganza Post Office. It was right down the street from my high school, and every time I passed it I thought, what a cool, old building, but I bet it’s a mess in there. Given the capital, my mother would have snatched that place up in a heartbeat and flipped it. But since that wasn’t an option we just admired it from a distance hoping that no one tore it down. Then one day we noticed that it had sold and someone had started to renovate it. Though mildly jealous, we were happy to see the old place was being given a face lift.

And what a face lift it received, it is absolutely adorable now with blue paint, white and red trim and metal roofing. Curiosity piqued; we researched the local papers and online articles to see just what was going in the building. Keepin’ It Local: A Maker’s Market is the name of the store/market that calls this beautiful old building home. They are filled with products that are locally MADE, GROWN or FOUND. Brilliant!
Photo from Keepin' It Local FB page.

One Saturday after a particularly hot and unsuccessful morning of yard saling, we made our way through Morganza and decided to check out the new Market. Upon pulling into the parking lot I couldn’t help but notice the adorable hanging signs telling visitors what the fresh produce available that day is. We walked in the door and it was exactly how I’d imagined it: Hardwood floors, an open layout for displaying their goods, a separate section for the produce as well as an upstairs and down stairs filled with local finds and artisan products. I even had a mild “freak-out” moment when I saw the CD’s being sold at the counter with a co-worker’s song as the headlining track! Make sure you check her out, HERE.
Here at Point Breeze Cottage, we LOVE the idea of selling locally and keeping capital within the community. Plus it’s pretty cool to see all of the talent and creativity in your own backyard! It’s safe to say that we’ll be frequent customers of Keepin’ It Local.

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