Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pups of PBC

Instead of our regular “Tuesday Tips” post, I thought it was only appropriate to recognize two special ladies involved in PBC. They are both going “under the laser” this morning, so I thought I’d give them a little spotlight. Meet Harper Hill and Hillee Morris, our PBC mascots and models!

Hillee (left) and Harper (right) enjoying a trip to Rita's. Don't worry, we gave them their own Puppy Ice Cream.
Harper and Hillee were born on February 27, 2012 to proud parents Jasper and Lady Belle.

Close up of the lovely Lady Belle.

Bubba and Jasper.

Hunting dogs belonging to my in-law’s, Jasper and Belle had a lovely litter of four spunky pups, two boys and two girls. Knowing that he couldn’t keep all four for hunting dogs, my father-in-law started spreading the word that some of them would be looking for loving homes.
Since I’d never seen a newborn puppy before, I made a trip to the farm on the blustery February day and I couldn’t believe my eyes; they were so small! After that first day, I kept making excuses to drive by the farm to visit and play with them, and got particularly attached to this little lady. She was so much smaller than the other three and had a unique white diamond marking on the back of her neck, but that wasn’t the only thing that made her stand out. She was determined! While the others pushed her out of the way at feeding time, she never let that discourage her, squirming her way in between them. And as soon as they were able to start squeaking and barking, you better believe she was the most vocal. I’ve never considered myself a dog person, but this little girl stole my heart. The thought of her going away from the farm to another family made me sick, so Bubba and I decided that we’d make her one of us.
Num, pine cone! -Harper
And then there is Miss Hillee. Yes, you have to include the Miss. She is certainly a regale beagle! Hillee, obviously the other girl in the litter, was destined to be my parents pet. My dad had been talking about getting a dog for some time, but he wasn’t 100% sure it was something he was ready for. But after a couple of visits to play with them, he just couldn’t say no to their precious little faces. The more time we spent with the puppies, the more we knew Hillee was the one for him. She’d play with the other, but easily drift off to sleep while they still played. She lingered with her mother once feeding time was over, looking for one more sip, and she had the most pleasant disposition, cuddling with anyone who held her. Low-maintenance and full of love, Hillee was the girl for my parents.
Young Miss Hillee, so sweet and pretty!
The fact that we’ve been able to keep the sisters close to each other and give them regular play dates has been great! They may rip, run, and play fight non-stop when they’re together, but I think having each other is comforting for them as well. While they lose their “womanhood” today, I wanted to recognize them on here just because they’re so cute and they bring so much happiness to our team!

Here are a couple shots of the girls modeling our products. Funny, both of these pieces sold really quickly...maybe we should include them in every photo shoot?!

Harper modeling with the retro cabinet that was sold to a newlywed couple in Manhattan.

Hillee modeling with a vintage, pink washtub from the 1940's.

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