Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Broken Hearts

Hearts were broken across the world on Friday, 12/14/12, when a young gunman entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT killing 20 students and six adults. I can only imagine the fear and terror that these children and teachers must have felt during this horrible ordeal. It is heart-wrenching for the American public, and absolutely life-changing for the families and friends involved.

It's hard to write about the events of that day without getting emotional, but I found an article on FoxNews.com that brought a smile back to my weeping heart:

Gene Rosen, who lived near the school, found six children who escaped from a classroom of massacre at the end of his driveway on the morning of the tragedy. You can read more about the nurturing and caring actions he took by clicking HERE. People like Mr. Rosen truly restore my faith in humanity.

I came across this beautiful quote on facebook this week that seemed appropriate for all of those affected by this awful crime:

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