Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cottage Improvement Chronicles: Curb Appeal

We've really thrown ourselves into improving our yard while we're on hold with the rest of the house. (With broken blinds and a dilapidated septic system, I'm getting PRETTY antsy waiting for to get started on the house) So, I'm determined to get the rest of our lot looking tip top! Here is a quick glance at some of the pretty new curb appeal at Point Breeze Cottage:

Our neighbor gave us her old walkway pavers when Bubba laid her new ones down for her. So, we upcycled them, and placed them around the two old/wild bushes in the front yard. Add a little mulch and a drift wood looking stump found on the beach, and voila! 

Bubba mulched the side of the house/flower bed that we had professionally done last year. Everything looks so clean and is blooming out beautifully!

Our gorgeous, old rose bush in the front of the garage is blooming out and climbing the lattice!

The lovely bouquet of roses and peonies from around the yard.