Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patience is a Virtue: Wildflowers

I'm not sure if it was the two tornadoes and heavy rains and the insane humidity and heat we've been having, but something has finally spurred my Wildflower Garden to life. Just when I was starting to think that my idea for a low maintenance flower bed was going to peak as a weedy mess, I spotted them. A few lone blossoms in a sea of green!

In case you missed it, an old shed in the backyard crumpled and left quite a mess. We cleaned the area up and decided to block it off and create some low maintenance curb appeal. Considering the shed was hideous and once it was gone, there was still a hideous open spot of dirt, anything would would be a step up. A couple of bags of wildflower mix and several weeks of watering and rain later, we finally have our first signs of color!