Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PBC Survives Another Waterspout

We were expecting some pretty heavy rains yesterday evening here in Southern Maryland, and boy did we get them. Around 8:30pm the thick clouds finally gave way and drenched Colton's Point. Just as I was making my way to the bedroom to read I asked Bubba to mute the TV because it was the loudest rain I'd ever heard in my life. And then it sounded like the porch was going to rip off, and I'm pretty sure the house was shaking/rattling. We flipped on the local news stations and saw that we had a tornado watch in full effect. I got nervous and wanted to head to the guest room in the center of the house, but withing minutes the howling and rattling stopped and the rain slowed down.

We never lost power or had any other cause for concern. But then I got a couple of worried text messages and phone calls and started to wonder if the rest of the neighborhood had seen something we didn't. Luckily, it wasn't much, and there was very minimal damage, but it appears that a waterspout did make it's way down the top half of Point Breeze Rd. and across the Point onto Beach Rd. You can read about it on the local fire departments website, HERE.

I quickly snapped a few pictures as I left for work this morning:

Beach Rd.

Top of Point Breeze Rd.

Top of Point Breeze Rd. (if you head straight ahead in this photo, you'll be on beach Rd.)

Top of Point Breeze Rd.

Top of Point Breeze Rd.

The only damage we sustained: My garden decor/bird, who had been sitting on my porch railing, fell to the ground.  Honestly, I think this so-called spout shot off into the River once it got down in front of our house, so we were pretty lucky!