Thursday, August 22, 2013

Renovation Inspiration

I love HGTV. Like really, truly love it. They are the one company I don't mind getting daily, marketing emails from. While trying to clean out my inbox, I stumbled upon my daily HGTV Inspiration email with the title, "You Won't Believe This Amazing Beach House Remodel", so naturally I gave it a click and found a very inspiring remodel project.

Everything this family did was just so beautiful. It does, however, make me glad that our "remodel" isn't so extensive. Our former landlord and owner of the house had it completely remodeled in the early 2000's. Even with the full house remodel, it still left us with a lot to be desired in order to make it "our own", which is why we're on the journey we're on.

ANYWAY - check out this beautiful beach house remodel from for a little beachfront inspiration!

They went from this: 



To this:


And can you just imagine sitting in these chairs and decompressing after a long day? Ahhh...


Be sure to check out the entire photo gallery by clicking any of the SOURCE links above! Enjoy :)

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