Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sneak Peek! Interior Shutters

We finally finished putting up our interior shutters and new shades in the living room last night after a few small set backs. [I need to have a few words with FedEx...throwing my packages over my fence and into my yard, in the rain, when I have a perfectly good and protected front porch is pretty frustrating] Anyway, after returning our broken shades to Lowes and getting replacements, which they thankfully had in stock, we were able to get rolling.

But first, I wanted to share a couple of "Life Lately" pictures with you. Sometimes life takes the reigns and my poor little blog ends up on the back I figured I could at least show you what has been taking up my time!

We spent the weekend with these four adorable chaps! Our 3 nephews and niece:

Owning the runway...I mean beach...
So so so cute!

And here are a couple of "pretties" from around the cottage:

Sunrise over the Potomac River

Evening sky - looking towards Virginia

More beauties from the wildflower garden!

Ok - don't judge my photography skills based on this sneak peek of the Interior Shutters and Shades...I took it on my cell phone at 6:15am this morning on the way out the doors. I was just too excited about them to wait. This is just to give you a quick peek at how our living room is coming along. :) I am finally seeing it all come together! Now, we need to find a rug, coffee table and a little more "decor"...

Please ignore the throw pillows that don't match the new couch or room AT ALL.
They will be removed once I find proper replacements!


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