Friday, July 25, 2014

back at it...

Ok, so I have changed the "theme" of this blog about 1,000 times. What is one more going to hurt? I'm done with trying to "theme" my blog or cater to certain crowds. I'm not going to use this strictly for my etsy shop (which currently has NOTHING in it-whomp whomppp) and I'm not going to try and be Gwyneth Paltrow and tell you what you should wear, buy, bake, etc.

I just want to write about life. Not just mine, but mostly mine. I want to write about current events, viral sensations, and pretty much anything I have an opinion on. I've made some discoveries lately that are literally going to change my life, if they haven't already. And I want to write about them and see if there is anyone else out there going through the same things. Or if it's just me. Either way, I want them off my chest.

So here we go, Point Breeze Cottage, round III (I think)!

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