Friday, August 8, 2014

For the Love of Humanity...

I hate politics, because it's human nature to defend your beliefs till you're blue in the face. And they are YOUR beliefs, so YOU have that right, correct? Correct. That said, I am absolutely dumbfounded and shocked at the violence and hatred that is just breeding in the middle east. Specifically the ISIS bastards. Yep, I said it, bastards. Because that is what they are. Anyone who can take another life so recklessly solely because they don't like your religion is a bastard.

Anyhoo, I am so upset by this that I felt the need to blog about it here and get it off my chest. Religion is a personal belief. As a HUMAN you have a right to choose what religion you identify with. Some choose no affiliation, which is cool, that's your choice. So why, WHY, does this "ISIS" and Muslim Brotherhood feel the need to force EVERYONE to have the same beliefs that they have?

I am a practicing Catholic and it irks me when the Church encourages its members to seek out lost souls and bring the to our religion, to find God. If they are lost, they will find their way, and I'm more than happy to share my experiences and love of my religion if they want to hear it, but I will not force it on someone. So yeah, Catholics can be a little pushy, but it typically ends with the old "Catholic Guilt". They talk your ear off about why you should become a Catholic, and if you still say no, you leave feeling a bit guilty.

Then there are baptist and Jehovah's Witnesses who like to go "knocking" door to door to share their knowledge with you and try to convince you to give their religion a shot. Again, if I want to seek you out, I will. Please do not invade my private property and my time. The worst that happens? Typically you'll lose 30 minutes of your day and feel as if your privacy has been invaded.

How do ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood try to convert you? It won't be a simple knock on the door, you can count on that! How about an ambush, capture and execution? Or forcing you to declare that you believe in whatever they want you to with a gun pressed against your head. Or maybe raping your wife and kidnapping your child? Or how about just beheading your child right there. And putting his or her head on a stick to be made an example of?

It makes me SICK to even type these words, but a simple google search of "ISIS" will bring you all of the latest news stories and reports on what they're doing. It's awful, sickening and pathetic.

Will there ever be an answer? Probably not. When it comes to religion there never seems to be an answer. Why can't we all just believe in what we want to believe in and leave each other ALONE?! Because someone always ends up on a power trip and turns religion into an agenda. An agenda that includes genocide in this case.

I was curious about ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood earlier so I did a little research, please take a look:

"Like al-Qaeda and many other modern-day jihadist groups, ISIS emerged from the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s first Islamist group dating back to the late 1920s in Egypt,[92] which follows an extreme anti-Western interpretation of Islam, promotes religious violence and regards those who do not agree with its interpretations as infidels and apostates. "

Ok, so these cold-hearted killers have emerged from the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood follows an EXTREME ANTI-WESTERN (for those of you not paying attention, ANTI-AMERICAN) INTERPRETATION OF ISLAM. And they're violent with complete disregard. Yep, got it, they're evil bastards. 

Got it? Yep, got it. Evil. So, if that's the case...why, oh why, did this happen....


Circa April 2012...

"The Obama administration announced Friday its plan to transfer $450 million in cash to help Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government cover its massive budget deficit, which is estimated somewhere between $12 billion and $23 billion." SOURCE

Really makes you think, huh?!

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