Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cottage Renovation: Footers

I came home from work one day last week and found this sitting in the driveway:

So I guess this is really happening! Our cottage renovation and small addition is ready to get started. In fact, they dug the footers and poured the concrete towards the end of the week before the rain came in.


Digging the footers:

Filled with cement (and a couple beagle paw prints...):

It may not look like much, but I'm definitely starting to envision to end product! Up next: the AC unit (towards the back) needs to be relocated to the back of the house and then Bubba will be working with our Mason to lay the block. Let's hope the rain holds off this week so we can get cracking!

In the House:
Currently we are working on downsizing and de-cluttering. Today we switched out our warm weather wardrobes for our cool weather clothing, removed two chest of drawers, and took all of the artwork and decor off the walls in the bedrooms and living room. We've also packed up all of our valuables and fragile items from the kitchen, such as our china and serving dishes and moved them to the living room where they will be safe and sound. There will be a lot of banging and hammering going on on the opposite side of the kitchen, so I thought, better safe than sorry, let's gently package this stuff up and put it in a safe place. Next, I will be cleaning the remaining items out of the guest room and giving it a final clean up. Lots of work to do - AND lots of "before" pictures I need to take!

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