Monday, October 6, 2014

The Blessing of the Fleet

I just love the month of October. It has so much to offer Bubba and I. For example, the first weekend of October, every year, is The Blessing of the Fleet. This is an event that takes place literally 3 doors down from our house, at the St. Clements Island Museum. It is put on by the 7th District Optimist Club and it never disappoints. Since we've lived in Colton's Point, going on 6 years now, we've thrown a party or get-together of sorts to coincide with the event. Though we didn't party it up like we have in the past, we did have a great time! Thank goodness for the nice weather. It allowed us to stay outside the majority of the day. Which was nice since we've already started packing up our house for the upcoming renovation.

You know it's been a good day when you're two brothers-in-law have had a couple drinks and make their way to the kitchen to have a good old fashioned cook off. And their competition item? Crab balls! I think we all reaped the benefits of that one! #delicious #drunkcrabballs

A beautiful day for the Blessing of the Fleet!

Taking a ferry ride to the island with my mom and sister.

One of Bubba's little cousins enjoying the boat ride back from St. Clements Island.

Bubba's homemade low country boil. #spicy #numnum

P.S. - How cute is my nephew, Zack, rocking out to The Sam Grow Band?! Oh I just love this sweet baby boy!

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