Monday, November 12, 2012

Point Breeze finds a home in Manhattan, NY

Back in May we posted about a unique set of furniture that we found in our local Habitat for Humanity store here in Lexington Park, MD. After a couple coats of Aubusson Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a smooth coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax they were ready for their close ups.

Both pieces sparked quite a bit of interest on our Etsy Site, but some customers seemed turned off by the high shipping prices. Solid wood made it the 1970's is not exactly light, and with pieces this size, they are nearly impossible to ship for a low rate.  We considered pulling the pieces off of Etsy and trying to sell them in the local area exclusively, but with 900+ page views for both the buffet and china cabinet and dozens of inquires, we thought, let's leave them posted until the listing expires. If we still haven't found buyers at that point, we'll pull them off.

And then I met another Mindy. A conversation came through on Etsy from a woman named Mindy in Manhattan, NY who was interested in purchasing the china cabinet. It's not every day I meet someone who shares my name, so I was pretty excited and thought, maybe this is a sign, maybe she is meant to purchase this set. And after many conversations and tons of research trying to figure out how in the world we would ship such a large item to Manhattan for a reasonable price, we finally came to an agreement.

You see, Mindy was actually interested in the pieces for her daughter, Dalia. A sweet newlywed, Dalia was looking for a couple of unique pieces to furnish she and her new husbands apartment. When we work on pieces, we always try to imagine what type of person it will sell to. And after being in contact so closely with this family, I knew we had to make it work. I offered to drive halfway and meet Dalia with the China Cabinet. As bad as she wanted both pieces to complete the set, the buffet's dimensions just would not fit in her apartment. We settled on a date and location, packed up the cabinet as securely as possible on the back of Bubba's truck and hit the road.

Dalia and her new hubby found their way to our meeting spot and after some wiggling and jiggling, we finally go the cabinet loaded into their vehicle. She had also asked if we could bring another piece from our shop with us, that way if they could fit it in their car, they could purchase it too. And sure enough, we got it to fit. So not only did our beloved blue China Cabinet find a new home in Manhattan, but our funky Spanish-Inspired table/cabinet (at right) did too!

Dalia and Mindy were such great customers, if only everyone I dealt with on Etsy was so kind and appreciative. Their cooperation and determination helped make this sale a fun one and we were so happy to see two of our favorite pieces go to such a great home. Dalia was even kind enough to send us some photos of how great both of the pieces look in her new apartment. Best of luck to you and your husband, Dalia, we wish you many years of happiness and love!

Check out the pictures from Dalia's apartment - I think Point Breeze style looks pretty good in Manhattan, don't you?

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