Thursday, May 17, 2012

Out of the Blue

Thursday's Featured Product

Back in early spring our yard sale pickings were slim; The thrift shops were depleted, and craigslist was right down pitiful. It seemed there was absolutely no one with anything good to get rid of! After a disappointing Saturday morning we decided to detour and make one last stop, at the local Habitat Re-Store. There were the usual building materials, light fixtures, floor tiles, sinks, etc. and then we made our way in to the “furniture room”. Didn’t see much at first, but as we rounded a corner, there it was, an absolutely wonderful credenza/buffet straight out of a late 60’s or early 70’s dining room. Clean lines with a touch of pizazz? Check. Solid, sturdy, and well built? Check. Drawers and doors in good working order? Check. Is the price right? Well….maybe.

We all looked at each other, and nodded in approval, THIS could be the makeover piece we have been searching for.  You see, all three of us LOVE the way credenzas and buffets are being repurposed in to gorgeous places to house today’s Flat Screen T.V.’s. Storage abounds in these cabinets for DVD’s, games, puzzles, books, just about anything you would use in your family or media room.  We have also noticed a trend for using them in entryways as a place for keys, gloves, mail, purse storage, cell phone docking, etc.  We went up front and asked the very friendly clerk if we could purchase the credenza (or buffet, we still are not sure exactly which it is, although it has a silverware compartment so I guess it is technically a buffet?) She said, “Sure! If you buy the matching china cabinet I’ll give you a discount.” Hmmm we hadn’t even thought about taking on a china cabinet, but what the heck, if Sweet Bubba will pick it up and haul it for us, we’ll give it a whirl!
Bubba picked both pieces up and brought them home for us. We needed muscles, lots of muscles to wrestle them in to the shop, but boy oh boy were they worth the effort. Blue was the unanimous color choice, and not just any blue. Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue was what we were all drawn to. So we got to work, painting, and waxing, and waxing some more, buffing, and buffing some more, and the results are so pretty we are having a hard time parting with them. I actually had a scary moment of considering changing the entire décor of my living room just to accommodate the credenza, but sanity prevailed (and my husband Jeb’s look of disbelief kind of  brought me back to my senses), because I just repainted and refurnished my living room!

Let us know what you think of our two lovely pieces. We have enjoyed bringing a shot of color and fun to their somewhat boring original finishes.  You never know, sometimes a wonderful piece of furniture comes your way “Out of the Blue”. We certainly weren’t expecting to find these that dreary morning, but are we ever glad we did.

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  1. Great job on the photography of the "Out of the Blue" pieces, Mindy. I think they are actually a little deeper blue than what the photos show due to the bright sunlight. The 4th picture in blue seems closer to the real color. Regardless, they turned out beautiful. So cheerful.