Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Every Wednesday, we would like to take a moment to recognize some of the local businesses in Southern Maryland that we love. This weeks "We Love Wednesdays" feature is a local shop that I've frequented for many years, and was a source of inspiration for starting Point Breeze Cottage; Traditions of Loveville.

Traditions is a rustic little shop located in St. Mary's County that actually used to be the home of the Loveville Post Office. You can read more about it's history by visiting their beautiful website: Everything about the store is thrilling for me; the old building it's housed it, the way the merchandise is displayed, enticing you to wander through each room, the light background music, and the friendly staff. The folks at Traditions have truly done it right.

It's not only the atmosphere I love, it's the merchandise as well. The unique pieces of furniture, the incredibly beautiful artwork, the locally inspired dishes and glassware, and of course the ever popular Vera Bradley selection! As a teenager, going to Traditions of Loveville always made me wish I could own a shop similar to theirs. My goal is to one day turn our online PBC enterprise into a bustling and beautiful shop similar to the business model of Traditions.

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