Monday, May 14, 2012

Bakery Bliss Table

Welcome to Monday's Featured Product: The Bakery Bliss Table!

This "sweet" piece was designed especially for the youngsters in your life. With a purple/fuschia finish, a decoupaged top and pull out drawer, this table is sure to inspire many fun moments. It is versatile, with a large cubby for books, toys, blankets, or any other child favorite, as well as smooth sliding drawer with large white knob for easy access. The top has a large, flat surface for tea parties, a place to practice drawing or even a board game. If you are looking for a funky, unique piece to compliment your child's bedroom or playroom, look no further!

The history behind the Bakery Bliss Table: After a long and hot day of yard sales in St. Mary's County, we were on our way home when we saw an "off the beaten path" sale. Those kinds of sales are typically hit or miss, with either tons of treasures or tons of trash. At first glance, this stop appeared to be trash. And lots of it...Then, just as we were about to leave, I noticed the table that some of the old toys and clothes were displayed on. It was pepto bismol pink and very dirty, but something about it seemed to be calling out to me. As we loaded it on the truck, I began to brainstorm about the possibilities, what colors I'd use, and if I'd be able to find the perfect fabric.

Well, we happened to have some fuschia colored, mis-tint paint from Lowes, and I found the perfect scrap piece of dessert themed fabric from JoAnn's as well as a strip of lime green ribbon. A couple coats of paint and decoupage later, and this precious little Bakery Bliss Table was born! To purchase this table, please email us at or visit our etsy site, HERE.

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