Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Independence Day at the PBC

Did everyone have a happy and healthy Fourth of July? We sure did! It was certainly more low-key than years past, but sometimes the impromptu visits from family and friends and quiet evenings at home are the most memorable.

Here are some photos from our Independence Day at the Point Breeze Cottage and how we decided to celebrate our freedom and the land that we love.

During a last minute search for a red, white, and blue scarf for little Harper, all I could come up with was this red and white polka dot ensemble. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it worked! 

I never thought I'd be a dog lover, but this little beagle stole my heart!

This was the best "posed" shot I could get of her with the American flag...

Bubba's older sister [who recently welcomed twin boys into the world] brought her family down to relax at PBC for the holiday. Proud big brother and sister, Jake and Nora, decided to take a dip in the Potomac River under the watchful eye of Uncle Bubba.

Of course, Harper didn't want to let them out of her sight either...

My favorite picture from the weekend. Little Miss Nora, cuddling up with Uncle Bubba for some downtime and a Princess movie in between swimming, dinner, a walk around the neighborhood, and fireworks!

Does she look like Droopy here or what?! Harper was over it all by the end of the day.

I wish I had of captured more pictures to remember what a nice and relaxing day we had, but these will have to do. Sometimes it's better to live in the moment and take a mental photo rather than keeping a camera in  your face all day. :)

I hope everyone out there had a great Independence Day too!