Monday, July 1, 2013

We Have Wildflowers!

I posted last week to let you all know that my wildflower garden was finally starting to bloom, even if it was only a couple of flowers. Well, we now have a sea of beautiful wildflowers! I was so excited when I got home, I begged Bubba to weed-eat the yard so it would be clean enough for me to take a couple of photos. Lucky for me, it needed to be done anyway, so Bubba obliged and I waited patiently with my camera. Of course the clouds rolled in and the sun disappeared by the time I made my way to the backyard, so the photos aren't perfect, but you can certainly see the lovely pops of color!

Here is a quick look back at the journey of our wildflower garden:

We went from this hideous shed... this open patch of dirt/land... a framed-in bed of dirt...

...add in the DIY birdbath and spread some wildflower seed...

...and then you wait. And wait. And wait...and then one hot day, out of the blue, it finally blossoms!

Yayyyy! There aren't many clean lines or too much structure with this flowerbed, but I'm still so happy with it!! It's not completely filled in and lush yet, but it's everything I was expecting: low-maintenance and so pretty.