Friday, July 26, 2013

Living Room Inspiration

Since a home renovation isn't something that ever happens very quickly [unless you are one of the lucky souls picked to go on HGTV] I've decided to start planning for the one room in my house that won't be changing much throughout the renovation; the living room.
Currently our Living Room is:
- Huge
- Open
- An unattractive shade of marigold
- Lacking "flow"
My goal is to go bold and make the living room, where we and our guests spend most of their time if they aren't outside, a place of comfort, style and relaxation. Check out some of the inspiration I've gathered for this room:
Found on Pinterest - you can see more of my living room inspiration on my personal pinterest page, HERE!
I'm always looking for suggestions and ideas, so let me know what you think! Where do you find inspiration for your home decor projects?

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