Monday, June 11, 2012

Calling All Photographers!

Featured Product
Happy Monday, everybody! Today’s featured product is actually a grouping of 3 pieces we have for sale. When we first started Point Breeze Cottage and this journey into restoring old pieces and other vintage items, we noticed a trend. We were selling children’s rocking and other small chairs like they were going out of style. And then we realized that the majority of clients buying these chairs were photographers. Which made sense considering Photography is a rapidly growing career path.
Having dabbled in Photography a bit myself and considering it a hobby of mine, I can see the appeal of a sweetly painted rocking chair when shooting children’s photos. We love finding an old rocker when we are out “picking” and if the price is right, we almost always buy it. Check out the three adorable little chairs we have for sale in our shop right now:
This sky blue rocker would be perfect for a little boy and his 1st birthday photos!
Rustic and Outdoorsy, this chair would be great for photos of a child who loves to be out in nature.
A child sized rattan chair painted in a pale tangerine looks like it belongs on a sandy beach somewhere.
The only hiccup when it comes to selling these chairs is typically the shipping price. The rockers on the bottom of the rocking chairs make for an awkward shape and size, requiring a larger box and equaling a higher shipping price.  So if you are somewhat local to the Southern Maryland area, please let us know if you’re interested one of these chairs as we’d love to sell them locally!
Before we go, here are some of the rockers and small chairs we’ve sold in the past. See a color or design you like? Let us know and we can recreate the look for you!

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