Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PBC Storage Wars

Tuesday Tips

I wish I could say that the title of this post was in reference to one of our favorite A&E television shows, but sadly it is not. Our tip for this Tuesday is about organizing and planning out your storage space when purchasing several different and large pieces to fix up.

I'm writing this in an effort to practice what I preach....

If you're ever considering going into the business of refurbishing furniture or working on large pieces the way we do, please consider the amount of storage space you have. Lucky for us, we have very supportive families that are willing to sacrifice a little space to help us house our projects. An OCD, packaging and organizing guru for a grandmother doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, be aware of the size of your items. Some pieces can be very large and somewhat awkward, so make sure you have enough space to store them. Another piece of advice, once your piece is complete, you can't just  leave it in the dusty garage until someone decides to purchase it. (Especially when using chalk paint and wax) If you must store in a dusty or non-climate controlled space, use a light sheet to cover the pieces. Always have someone strong around...You'll need someone to help you move the piece when you purchase it, moving it into your storage space, moving it to a great place to photograph it, moving it back to your storage space, and if you're packaging it yourself you'll have to transport it to the shipping store of your choice. 

Our end goal is to have a store of our own to display our pieces for all to see and purchase. But until that day comes, we'll stick with shuffling from guest room to garage, living room to workshop.

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