Wednesday, June 6, 2012


With the United States in somewhat of an economic crisis, I’ve noticed a rise in the popularity of Thrift Stores. It’s hard for me to imagine someone not knowing what a Thrift Store or Shop is, but just in case, I’ll break it down for you.
A Thrift Store is a place that accepts donations of used clothing, home goods, furniture, jewelry, and electronics. Some stores are charity or non-profit based, while others can be owned by individuals. The goods that you find in a Thrift Store are often sold at very affordable or “thrifty” prices seeing as they are used. Sometimes the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” rings true when shopping at a Thrift Store, and other times they are full of junk that people just don’t want. But they are definitely worth browsing through when looking for cheap furniture to restore!
Here at Point Breeze Cottage in Southern Maryland, we have several different Thrift Stores to choose from. After an unsuccessful day of yard saling or maybe during a long lunch break, we like to frequent the Thrift Stores of St. Mary’s County; In particular the Leonardtown and Lexington Park locations. These stores accept donations and the majority of the proceeds benefit the ARC of Southern Maryland.
So for today’s “We Love Wednesdays” we are recognizing our old standby, the Thrift Shop. We’ve been frequenting these establishments for as long as I can remember, whether to donate clothes and other used items, or to look for an affordable piece of furniture that needs a breath of fresh air!

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