Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh So Inspirational

I am a big fan of Instagram, the photo-sharing app that lets you put cool filters on your photos so they look vintage, enhanced, etc. One day I was bored and looking through the "popular" page, and was instantly drawn to a user named ohsolovelystef because of her retro 50's-60's looking photos. I began looking at all her pictures, and began to feel as if I had met a kindred spirit. Not only is her house decked out completely in atomic-era decor, but she is also co-owner of a groovy vintage shop in Winnipeg, Canada called Rhymes with Orange, a mobile shop run out of a 1956 camper (!!!), Etsy shop, and blog Oh So Lovely Vintage

Stefanie and Erin's collection of mid-century modern housewares is incredible, from kitchenware (they, like me, have a soft spot for pyrex) to bakelite jewelry, kitschy wall art, knick knacks, and totally awesome radios. All of which is just scratching the surface. Their blog is a retro lover's dream, with featured products, a "Sixties Sunday" weekly post, vintage fashion, their personal inspirations, and even giveaways. These ladies are an inspiration to me and their shops are an example of what I hope Point Breeze Cottage can become someday, with of course, our own spin on things. For anyone who, like me, knows they were born in the wrong decade, or wishes they could go back to a simpler time, Oh So Lovely Vintage is a great blog to peruse. I hope to one day be able to travel all the way up north to Canada to visit their awesome shop!

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